Mayor Scaffidi Featured in Milwaukee Magazine

Mayor Scaffidi was recently featured in the November Issue of Milwaukee Magazine

Title: Golden Boy
Author Credit: MATT HRODEY


“Steve Scaffidi is an energetic private-sector refugee whose jocular demeanor could have made him a beloved high school basketball coach but instead landed him as mayor of Oak Creek, where he’s proven that being the honorable leader of a small, suburban city is the best gig in politics. Bring a few new retailers and restaurants to town and plant some lovely flowers, and you’re the next La Guardia. To be fair, Scaffidi has gone above and beyond these criteria, ushering in not just a Pizza Man restaurant but also an Ikea store, and planting not only daisies but entire new parks.

Shortly before taking office in 2012, Scaffidi left a job at the Nielsen media survey company, where he last worked on the effort to track people’s streaming behaviors using special software. In more recent times, this grown-up Air Force brat’s mayoral routine has included listening to people’s complaints eyeball-to-eyeball during bimonthly sessions where he camps out in public with a metal “Meet the Mayor” sign. In August, he passed the two hours at a Panera Bread. “Sometimes you get families and meet all of their kids,” he says. “Sometimes you get grouchy people.””

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