About the Book

Six Minutes in August tells the story of the brutal murder of six members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on August 5, 2012, and the aftermath of that day’s events on the community of Oak Creek, its newly-elected mayor, and the families of the Sikh Temple. The shooting, carried out by a hate-filled white supremacist, stands as one of the worst acts of violence carried out in a place of worship in U.S. history.

The book begins on the morning of August 5, from the first frantic 911 phone calls from inside the Temple, to the incredible stories of the victims’ family members who played an important role in the community’s recovery. It details the reactions of national leaders to the shooting, the treatment of Sikh Americans, and follows Oak Creek Mayor Stephen Scaffidi as he helped to heal his community. From the suburbs of Milwaukee to the White House in Washington D.C. Six Minutes in August is the story of that journey and Oak Creek’s inspiring response to hate and violence.